Working with Melissa for a Financial Tune-up

Where does your money come from, and where does it go to? That’s “Cash Flow Analysis,” and it’s an important step in the financial planning process.

Pull together all of your investment statements, retirement plans, wills and trusts, tax returns and look at your situation with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. In the process of holistic planning, we look at the whole situation to see what is important about money to you. Then we can help you make better decisions about money, based on your facts!

What areas of financial planning have you managed well? What areas need work? We help you set objectives to determine what you do next. It’s a helpful process that lends focus to your situation.

Work with Melissa Shaw, CFP® for a flat “fee for service” as she takes you through a Financial Counselor Notebook. She’ll help you generate reports and work through your finances with you. This process requires a 2 to 4 hour meeting, where we roll up our sleeves and get something done! Melissa’s style and knowledge make it a fun experience and will empower you. The fee for this service will range from $100 to $500 depending on time and effort. Click on the button below to begin your contact regarding a Financial Tune-Up.

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