Financial Counseling

The complexity of the “Money Game” has increased every year. With tax law changes, pension rules, investment choices and your ability to earn more money, life has become complicated.

Henry Ford said “You don’t need to know everything yourself, you just have to know where to go to get it.” A little good advice can go a long way. It pays to listen to experts and see what guidance and insight they have for your situation. The mastermind group has proven that collective brilliance exists!

There are many forms of assistance that the professionals have to offer. Your own personal board of directors should include your tax advisor, investment advisor, estate planning attorney, insurance agent, as well as others that work together to help you make better choices in life. A financial planner can help you ask better questions, to be sure that things occur to you. We help you look at your truth now, so that you land where you want to down the road. We help you create your future. That is the gift of a good planner.

There are many ways to compensate a planner. A flat “fee for service” is common. They can also be paid an hourly rate to perform service. Compensation can be earned through fees on “money under management.” Insurance and investment products offer commissions to the representative to compensate them for their service. The most important aspect of paying for service is to look for full disclosure and understand how your planner will be compensated.

Working with Melissa for a Financial Tune-Up

Are you frustrated by your finances? It’s time for a tune-up! Begin with a balance sheet. What are your assets and what are your liabilities? What is your investment net worth? That’s the goose that lays the golden eggs to support your retirement years.

Where does your money come from, and where does it go to? That’s “Cash Flow Analysis,” and it’s an important step in the financial planning process.

Pull together all of your investment statements, retirement plans, wills and trusts, tax returns and look at your situation with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. In the process of holistic planning, we look at the whole situation to see what is important about money to you. Then we can help you make better decisions about money, based on your facts!

What areas of financial planning have you managed well? What areas need work? We help you set objectives to determine what you do next. It’s a helpful process that lends focus to your situation.

Work with Melissa Shaw, CFP® for a flat “fee for service” as she takes you through a Financial Counselor Notebook. She’ll help you generate reports and work through your finances with you. This process requires a 2 to 4 hour meeting, where we roll up our sleeves and get something done! Melissa’s style and knowledge make it a fun experience and will empower you. The fee for this service will range from $100 to $500 depending on time and effort. Click on the button below to begin your contact regarding a Financial Tune-Up.

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